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Snow White is born on a cold winter day. She is as white as snow. Her eyes are very big, her hair very long and her voice is sweet. She is very kind and beautiful. Everyone loves her. Her mummy, the Queen loves her, too. But she died.
A new Queen comes. She is beautiful, but bad. She doesn’t like Snow White, because Snow White is the most beautiful girl in the world.
“I will kill Snow White.” So she orders a hunter to kill Snow White. The hunter is an honest man. “You are a good girl; I don’t want to kill you.” So he lets Snow White go. Snow White goes into a forest. She finds a house, and goes into the house. Seven dwarfs live there. They like Snow White, and ask Snow White to live with them.
“我一定要杀死白雪公主。“因此,她命令一位猎人去杀白雪公主。这位猎人是一个诚实的人。 “你是一个好姑娘,我不想杀你。”所有他放走了白雪公主。
No sooner, the new Queen dies. Because she isn’t the most beautiful woman in the world.


A man was strolling along the beach when he suddenly noticed from afar what he thought were children dancing.
“What on earth are they doing dancing on the beach?”as he quickly paced towards them.
He was surprised that a boy and a girl were not dancing but picking up the starfishes which were washed ashore by the tide and throwing them back into the sea.
“Excuse me, why are you throwing the starfishes back into the sea?”he asked.
The children ignored the remark but they continued picking up the starfishes and kept throwing them back into the sea.
“Don't you think it is a waste of your time as there are hundreds of starfishes still lying around. Surely you can't keep this act all day long.”
At last the elder boy replied,“Sir, you see the sun would soon rise and the tide will ebb away.
Though my sister and I can't throw all the starfishes back into the sea, we are sure it matters to the ones we succeed in throwing.
Would you like to join us, it would make a difference.”The man smiled and said,“It certainly would,”so he too pick up the starfishes and threw them into the sea.

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Once upon a time, two young men were walkingalong the mountain trail. They were very closefriends.
But, all of a sudden, a bear showed up. Shocked, theyoung men were looking for a place to hide. Onefellow hid himself by climbing up a tree, but the otherone was unable to run away.
When the bear pounced upon him, the fellow who could not run away threw himself flat downupon the ground and pretended to be dead. The young man on the ground held his breath andstayed still. The bear, coming up to him, put his muzzle close to the man, and sniffed. "He'sdead. I don't eat dead meat.
"当熊越走越近时,这人便灵机一动马上躺倒在地上,假装死了。躺在地上的那人屏住呼吸, 一动不动。熊走到他跟前,用鼻子在他脸上嗅了嗅: “这是个死人,我可从来不吃死人的肉。
”The bear left the young man along and went away. After the bear was gone, the friend in thetree came down. Wiping away his cold sweat, the friend asked, "What did the bear say to you?
”"Oh, the bear told me", said the other,"Not to hang out with a friend who runs away when arisky situation occurs."
”After hearing him, the young man who climbed up the tree alone felt sorry for his behavior.Friends mean being there for each other even when danger comes.


A tiger is hungry, he is looking for food. He sees a frog in front of him.
“Haha! A frog! My dinner!” so he rushes at the frog.
Behind the tiger, there is a tortoise. The little tortoise sees it; he bites the tiger’s tail.
“Ouch!” cries the tiger and he looks back. The frog hears the voice and jumps into water.
“Thank you, little tortoise.” says the frog.
But the tiger is very angry. “Bother it! I’ll throw you to the sky!”
“Thank you, I like flying in the sky,” says the tortoise.
The tiger stops, “I will throw you into the river.”
“Oh, no! I can’t swim; I will die if you throw me into the water.” The tiger threw the tortoise into the water quickly.
“Thank you, Mr. Tiger. Bye-bye.” The tortoise and the frog swim away together.


In the Eastern Han Dynasty (东汉), there was a man named Chen Shi (陈寔) .
One day, a thief slipped into his living-room. Hiding behind the beam, the thief waited for Chen Shi to fall asleep.
Chen Shi, finding the thief, called his family together, saying, "To be a upright man one must have aspirations. Men are not born evil. But if one gets used to doing evil things, it will be hard to reform. The gentleman above the beam is such a man."
The thief, hearing this, hurriedly jumped down and knelt on the ground to beg forgiveness.
This idiom is used to refer to a thief.


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